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Information Technology - Network Technician (634C)

Information Technology Network Technicians support clients in the use of computer applications...


Institutional Cook (415D)

Institutional cooks prepare quality food according to budgetary requirements and using bulk-cooking...


Micro Electronics Manufacturer (630A)

Although much of electronics manufacturing is automated, the machines and equipment still...


Native Clothing & Craft Artisan (296B)

Native Clothing & Craft Artisans design and make tailored clothes and associated...


Network Cabling Specialist (631A)

Network Cabling Specialists install, test, label, and document a variety of communications...



Parts Technician (240P)

Parts Technicians place orders, conduct warehousing, and manage inventory control and the...


Retail Meat Cutter (245R)

Retail Meat Cutters cut, trim, and package different varieties of meat, fish,...


Saddlery (219C)

Saddlers design, manufacture, rebuild, and repair a wide variety of saddles, saddle...


Special Events Coordinator (297B)

Special Events Coordinators assist in the coordination and execution of events including...

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