What does a Information Technology Network Technician (643C) do?

Information Technology Network Technicians support clients in the use of computer applications and operating systems; install hardware, software, and network components; and troubleshoot information systems.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • Installing, configuring, and maintaining client workstations and servers connected by a local area network
  • Troubleshooting network errors
  • Implementing security networks
  • Applying technical knowledge of data communications, standards, protocols, and Internet working concepts
  • Creating and maintaining network documentation
  • Requesting and maintaining vendor proposals for networking solutions

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

  • Secondary school diploma
  • Completion of 6,340-hour apprenticeship program including on-the-job training, plus additional 24 weeks of in-school sessions
  • Exam to obtain Certificate of Qualification

What's Your Future as a Information Technology Network Technician (643C)?

  • Full-time, often in shifts; commonly employed in offices or schools
  • Apprenticeship graduates will be well prepared to supervise new apprentices or for a managerial role in workplace

Wage Rate

Apprentice wage increases with skill and experience. Fully qualified workers can earn $40,000 annually or more. There may be opportunities for overtime or benefits, depending on the employer.


Information Technology Network Technician (643C)

Ask Yourself: Yes No
Do you have experience using a variety of computer technology?
Do you enjoy trouble-shooting and providing support to those with less knowledge?
Can you plan and execute in a timely manner?
Are you able to follow Health & Safety guidelines?
Do you have strong reading, writing, and communication skills?
Do you have an eye for detail? Are you able to suggest solutions, if needed?
Are you reliable, a self-starter and able to work with minimal supervision?

If you checked YES to the majority of these questions, a career as an Information Technology Network Technician (643C) may be for you!

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