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Industrial Trades



Electric Motor Systems Technician (446A)

Electric Motor Systems Technicians repair and replace the wind-up wire coils needed...


Elevating Devices Mechanic (636E)

Elevating Devices Mechanics may inspect, install, maintain, service, and repair elevating devices....


Entertainment Industry Power Technician (269E)

Entertainment Industry Power Technicians plan, install, and maintain temporary power distribution systems...


Facilities Maintenance Mechanic (255W)

Facilities Mechanics maintain building equipment and system components, including those for heating/ventilation...


Facilities Technician (255B)

Facilities Technicians handle the maintenance, inspection, and repair of the interior and...


Gas Technician (636G)

Gas Technicians install, repair, maintain, and inspect gaseous fuel pipelines and appliances...


General Labourer - Manufacturing

A General Labourer or Helper in the skilled trades is an essential...



General Machinist (429A)

General Machinists are skilled craftspeople who set up and operate precision metal...


Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanic (277Z)

Hydraulic/Pneumatic Mechanics install, maintain, repair, rebuild, or modify existing hydraulic, pneumatic, or...

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