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NEWS | AUG 23 2021

Canada Ontario Job Grant

Receive up to 50-83% in Employee Training Grants

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant (COJG) is an Ontario government funding program that offers training grants to employers. Through the program, companies may receive non-repayable funding from the government to purchase third-party business training programs, including training for in-demand skillsets. Training is expected to improve the employability and value employees can provide; including new hires in these training sessions can also maximize your funding potential.

Learn more about the Canada Job Grant (CJG) and each provincial stream.

NEWS | AUG 10 2021

New Incentives

Enhanced supports for Employers & Apprentices

The government has launched the following new programs to improve services for apprentices:

  • The Group Sponsorship Grant which encourages employers to come together to train apprentices in the full scope of their trade.
  • The Achievement Incentive program to encourage skilled trades employers to train apprentices toward trade program progression, completion and certification through milestone payments.

Learn more about money apprentices can receive during their training.

NEWS | AUG 10 2021

The Workforce Accelerator Generating Employment (W.A.G.E.) Program

The Workforce Accelerator Generating Employment (W.A.G.E.) construction program will give you the skills and training you need to get a job in this quickly-growing sector. FREE!

    • 14-week program, 24 hours per week
    • New sessions starting Summer 2021, Fall 2021 and Winter 2022
    • Learn the latest techniques in concrete forming and production framing
    • Get hands-on training in Mohawk College’s world-class facilities
    • Limited Space Available!

The program will offer 4 of the 10 courses required for the Mohawk Construction Techniques certificate:

    • Concrete Forming and Finishing Techniques
    • Production Framing Techniques
    • Workplace Safety
    • Surveying and Layout CET

Additional Program Supports:

    • Employability skills webinars and training sessions
    • Childcare subsidy and transportation assistance
    • Association memberships, industry certifications, safety training and equipment purchases
    • Assistance completing OCAS applications

If you are interested in joining the W.A.G.E. Construction program, join us at an upcoming information session to determine if you qualify.


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