What does a Draftsperson - Tooling & Die Design (614C) do?

Tool & Die Design Draftspersons prepare engineering designs, drawings, and related technical information. They may work independently, in multidisciplinary engineering teams, or in support of engineers, architects, or industrial designers.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • Developing and preparing engineering designs, sketches, and drawings; designing and producing simple and complex templates and patterns
  • Designing mechanical equipment for tool and die manufacturing; tooling for tooling, dies, and modifications; and component parts and attachments
  • Operating computer-aided design and graphics drafting stations
  • Completing documentation packages and producing drawing sets; writing technical reports
  • Checking design drawings and verifying that they conform to specifications and design data
  • Checking prepared contract and tender documents

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

  • Secondary school diploma with math credits; design/drafting courses an asset
  • Completion of a 7,400-hour on-the-job apprenticeship and 600 hours of in-school training
  • Completion of 3-year drafting technologist or 2-year drafting technician program usually required

What's Your Future as a Draftsperson - Tooling & Die Design (614C)?

  • 40-hour work weeks in office setting
  • Spend prolonged periods of time working at a computer
  • Employers include architectural and engineering firms, surveying and mapping companies, governments, and electrical industrial equipment manufacturers
  • Opportunities limited in this field due to greater use of highly effective computer-aided design equipment

Wage Rate

Apprentice wage increases with skill and experience. Fully qualified workers earn an average of $28.88-$42.00 per hour.


Draftsperson – Tool & Die Design (614C)

Ask Yourself: Yes No
Are you able to spot differences and do you have a good eye for detail?
Do you enjoy working on a computer?
Are you able to read blueprints and measurements accurately?
Are you able to follow Health & Safety guidelines?
Do you like working with measurements and specific design details?
Do you enjoy working with mathematical problems?
Are you reliable, a self-starter and able to work with minimal supervision? Can you start and finish work on time?

If you checked YES to the majority of these questions, a career as a Draftsperson – Tool & Die (614C) may be for you!

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