What does a Cabinetmaker (438A) do?

Cabinetmakers construct and repair wooden cabinets, furniture, fixtures, and related products.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • Reading and interpreting blueprints; preparing sketches and cost estimates
  • Selecting wood and marking outlines or dimensions of parts on the wood
  • Operating woodworking machines and evaluating their performance; using hand tools to cut, shape, and form componens
  • Trimming joints; fitting parts and subassemblies together to form a complete unit; using glue, clamps, nails, and screws to fasten parts together
  • Sanding wooden surfaces and applying veneers and laminates; applying finishing materials, such as stain, before rubbing, buffing, and polishing the finish
  • Ensuring an organized workspace so work can be carried out effectively and in the proper sequence to achieve desired results

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

  • Grade 12 is legal minimum, though secondary school diploma is preferred
  • Completion of an 8,000-hour apprenticeship, including a combination of on-the-job and in-school training
  • Exam to obtain Certificate of Qualification

What's Your Future as a Cabinetmaker (438A)?

  • Generally full-time work
  • Many work in factories or custom shops, but some are self-employed
  • Potential employers include household furniture makers or stores, interior construction firms, millwork companies, and residential developers

Wage Rate

Apprentice wage increases with skill and experience. Fully qualified workers earn an average of $22.00-$29.00 per hour.


Cabinetmaker (438A)

Ask Yourself: Yes No
Do you have a valid driver’s license?
Do you consider yourself a creative person?
Are you able to read blueprints and measurements accurately? Have basic math skills.
Are you able to follow Health & Safety guidelines?
Are you able to lift more than 50lbs? Are you able to stand or sit for long periods of time?
Are you detail-oriented and get satisfaction from completing a task well?
Are you reliable, a self-starter and able to work with minimal supervision? Do you have great communication skills?

If you checked YES to the majority of these questions, a career as a Cabinetmaker may be for you!

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