What does a Restoration Mason (244H) do?

Restoration Masons do similar work to cement masons and bricklayers; however, their work is done on structures years after the original work was performed. Specialized Restoration Masons may repair and restore heritage buildings and monuments, including chimneys, smokestacks, foundations, furnaces, kilns, and forges.

Job Related Skills, Interests and Values

  • Preparing and mixing mortar
  • Using power and hand tools to cut out and filling masonry joints in ashlar, rubble, and brickwork, as well as to cut out and indent new stone pieces
  • Repairing, replacing, or resetting bricks, stone, and terra cotta blocks
  • Drilling, grouting, and pinning fractured stones; resetting copings
  • Carrying out mechanical and chemical cleaning of masonry surfaces
  • Observing safety in accordance with government and company standards

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

  • Grade 10 is the legal minimum, but grade 12 is usually required by employers
  • While not mandatory, completion of a 6,000-hour apprenticeship, including a combination of on-the-job and in-school training, is recommended

What's Your Future as a Restoration Mason (244H)?

  • Work a 35-40 hour week, often in shifts; must be prepared to travel to where work is
  • May work project-by-project or be employed by construction or restoration company
  • May work in or outdoors; often required to bend, lift, and carry heavy objects
  • Often hired by building construction companies or developers, masonry contractors, and exterior construction firms

Wage Rate

Apprentice wage increases with skills and expertise. Fully qualified workers earn an average of $25.00 per hour.


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