Two Years of Mentorship: Women in Skilled Trades Peer Mentorship Group

Mentoring has been a core aspect of for decades. Every month, on the second Thursday, brings together women in the skilled trades to share stories, advice, guidance and insight.

In partnership with the Business/Higher Education Roundtable (BHER),’s Women in Skilled Trades Peer Mentorship Group was formed just over three years ago to support women in various trades.

Christine began by telling her story of her career in the automotive industry, her successes, her challenges and obstacles as well as including her guidance and advice.

“You don’t have to be 100% confident to have confidence,” Christine told this group of women. “Know you learned something today and you’ll learn something tomorrow.”

Despite all her achievements in her lucrative career, Christine says mentoring has been the most rewarding experience.

“My most rewarding moment is reaching behind me and pulling a woman forward,” she said, adding she created a LinkedIn page for Canadian Women in Automotive for ongoing support to those in her trade.

The majority of women in attendance were new to the industry, most coming “out from behind desk jobs”, as they said, to start a new career, some interested in learning more about working in the trade. There were women looking for apprenticeships, women who were already Ontario apprentices, and women who were already members of Red Seal Canada. And all were from a variety of skilled trades including engineering, manufacturing, carpentry, electrical and welding. 

“The Women In The Skilled Trades Peer Mentorship Group is important for women to feel connected. Many of them may be the only person of their gender on the job site or in their class,” said Emily McCormack, Program Coordinator and Facilitator, “It can be daunting going into a male-dominated field but support from fellow women in the same situation can help these women feel less alone. This group hosts guest speakers that are women who are excelling in the skilled trades. The women who join the group have the opportunity to ask questions of the guest speaker and leave feeling inspired by another woman's journey.”

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