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Motorcycle Mechanic Flash Game

Help Bendy build a motorcycle in this interactive Flash game!

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Trade Off Flash Game

Bendy is working hard at learning about TWO skilled trades! But before heading out to the job site, Bendy needs your help sorting out tools. Help select and sort out tools for an Electricial job and for a Bricklayer job. But don't dawdle! Bendy can't be late!

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Health & Safety Crossword and Answer Key

According to the Government of Ontario, an average of 42 young workers are injured or killed on the job every day in Ontario. As students and youth head out to summer employment, coop or internship positions and into apprenticeship opportunities, it's essential that they are informed about workplace safety issues.
We have designed the following crossword puzzle for students, youth, parents and educators in order to highlight key issues and raise health and safety awareness. Students should refer  to the following websites to thoroughly research workplace health and safety:, and young worker awareness program.
As a next step, we suggest you give the student(s) the Healthy & Safety Crossword as a stand-alone exercise (Answer Key can also be downloaded), or use the Crossword puzzle along with the Grade 10 Career Studies Lesson Plan found below.
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Minimum Requirements:
Flash Player
Intel Pentium II 300 MHz
VGA Compatible Videocard
Windows 98 or later

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