Sector Councils

Sector Councils are partnership organizations that address skills development issues in key sectors of the economy


Central Ontario Association of Building Trades: formed by the 25 construction craft unions representing 40,000 members aand assisting many organizations in the construction trades to help others (i.e. Habitat For Humanity)


Council of Ontario Construction Associates (COCA): COCA helps the Ontario construction industry grow and prosper through activities and achievement at Queen's Park affect its members. By maintaining an open dialogue with the Ontario Government and its agencies, they are a strong forum to drive issues with the provincial government


Installation, Maintenance and Repair Sector Council & Trade Association (IMR): a national, independent, not-for-profit organization representation member companies operating withing the residential appliance and electronic service industry. Participates in building strong businesses, development of qualified workers, labour market information, regulations and standards, best practices for the purpose of improving the quality of service and the public image of the service industry in Canada


Motor Carrier Passenger Council of Canada (MCPCC): a nationally recognized resource, working with the private sector, labour and government to strengthen the industry’s image, profitability, and vitality. MCPCC'S focus is identify and address human resources issues within the motor carrier passenger industry; providing counsel, products, and services, which promote life-long learning and skills development for individuals and companies in this industry


Toronto & York Region Labour Council: a central labour body that combines the strength of hundreds of local unions representing 195,000 working men and women and their families. Its mandate is to organize and advocate on issues that are vital to working people throughout the region, and to carry out local campaigns for the Canadian Labour Congress


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