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Skill shortages are a persistent problem in the labour market in Canada. The high number of skilled trades people who will be retiring within the next decade will only make the problem worse. This has serious implications in terms of labour market productivity, growth and competitiveness at home and abroad. Ironically this is happening at a time when there is a high number of unemployed youth - who may lack skills or the awareness of where to get them, and how to link up to employers who want  to hire people with the right attitude and good skills.


As a result of recommendations made at a December 1998 Apprenticeship Symposium in Halton, the Halton Industry Education Council in partnership with Human Resources Development Canada spearheaded the development of apprenticesearch.com.

Read the Report on Symposium held December 8, 1998:

Be Part of the Solution - Apprenticeship in Halton

The website is designed to help connect apprentices and employers across Ontario and is a free service operated by not-for-profit organizations and community agency partners in Ontario.

Who Can Use It?

Registration on the database section of the website is open to employers and job seekers in across the province of Ontario. Anyone can access information and resources on the website.

apprenticesearch.com provides a template that could be used in any community in Canada. The website is unique because it contains both information about apprenticeship and a matching database.

How can we bring it to our community?

In most communities there are non-profits and other organizations (training institutions, local boards, boards of education, employer groups/associations, Industry-Education Councils) with an interest in working together to alleviate skill shortages. In order for apprenticesearch.com to be effective in a community, the network needs to be in place and be supportive of this initiative. Although one group may take the lead in becoming a local champion for the website, they will need the cooperation of all parties in the community served to be successful.

If you are interested in investigating how the apprenticesearch.com solution could work for your community, contact the Halton Industry Education Council;

Tel: 905-634-2575 or toll free at 1-877-905-2748



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