Registered, approved, searched and applied...Hired!

“an internet search led me to apprenticesearch. I registered, posted a profile and resume, searched for jobs and applied... A couple of interviews later I had the job. The website worked great for me.” 

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Superior Boiler Works & Welding 

We found apprenticesearch a convenient and reliable way to find and hire the right people.” Superior Boiler Works & Welding was founded in 1962 on Superior Street in Hamilton, Ontario Canada. 

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An Employment Consultant Discovers apprenticesearch.com

“The site has great basic information and resources, and the videos are quite good,”... “It’s a great place for clients to do some research to begin their search.”

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From an Information-Seeker

Your help is so much appreciated and your input. I had no idea that I could attempt a challenge exam. I have already called the Mississauga office and staff have agreed to send me all pertinent info re: the challenge exam.

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