Performance Measures


Website Activity

In the period from June 1, 2008-March 31, 2010, we had a total of  291,933 individuals log in to our website. Website hits during this period totalled 37,397,085. Over 14,000 applicants and 1600 employers formally registered on our website and received service. We connected 555 apprentices to employers who were seeking 'the right apprentice'.

Success Stories

We periodically feature success stories that highlight matches made through our database and showcase the different pathways apprentices have followed that led them directly or indirectly to the skilled trades. 

An Employment Consultant Discovers Josée Bergeron, an Employment Consultant with Employment Service, St. Lawrence College, speaks enthusiastically about  

One of our most recent stories Fall 2010. A Baker who started with a high school program Apprenticeship Success at Patisserie D’Or

Straight out of Hamilton Fall 2010 Superior Boiler Works filling multiple apprenticeship spots We will hire from again!

Check out our feature on Truck & Coach Technician apprentices at: Apprenticeship Success at BTSI,

and on Industrial Electrician/Industrial Maintenance Mechanics at Digital Electric Scores a Hat Trick!

If you hire, or are hired, as a result of contact through our system, please e-mail the Administrator at Contact Us to let them know.

Local Administrator Contact

In addition to telephone calls and walk-in traffic, each administrator in a local area receives their own e-mail inquiries through Contact Us. One of the most important functions of the Local Administrator of our website is to link and refer individuals to appropriate community resources, training institutions, unions, associations, MTCU consultants, OYAP and School Board coop coordinators and others who play a vital role in preparing people for entry into the skilled trades.

Each Local Administrator manages the database in their own geographical area. Local Administrators are able to contact applicants and/or employers directly via bulk or individual e-mails to alert them to pre-apprenticeship programming starting in their communities, skilled trades awareness events, tours, open houses, trade-related career conferences or events.

Awareness Events

Each Local Administrator profiles and promotes skilled trade events in their own communities, by exhibiting at trade shows or school/community events and career fairs, by advertising and promoting events on the website, or supplying promotional material for community partners to use.


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