Corporate & Sponsor Profiles

  • What does it take to work in a skilled trade?
  • Who hires, and what do they expect?
  • What are the job opportuntities?
  • What are your prospects for the future?

In, the following sponsors representing the skilled trades provide valuable information and advice for you as you seek to enter the skilled trades. Please choose one of the following options:


Trainer:   The Centre for Skills Development and Training 


Construction:  Residential Construction Council of Central Ontario
Industrial:  Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA)
Motive Power: Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA)
Service:   Landscape Ontario  


Find out more about employers who hire apprentices, what they look for, how they hire and the job possibilities in the various trades as well as forecasts for growth by clicking on and visiting these Corporate and Trainer Profiles.




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