What Does an Information Technology - Contact Centre Technical Support Agent Do?

Contact Centre - Technical Support Agents (634A) work in contact centers and provide assistance to clients for microcomputer hardware and application software, desktop and mobile platforms by determining and documenting the problems and solutions.  Agents must be able to help clients install new hardware, software, and networking components, and troubleshoot when issues arise. 

  • Maintain a safe work environment for yourself and others
  • Communicate effectively with clients, co-workers, and supervisors verbally and in writing
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the products, computer components and PC technology
  • Provide support to clients with the installation and use of software applications
  • Use effective problem solving and logical troubleshooting techniques

Additional information on training standards for this particular trades in the Service sector may be found on the Ontario College of Trades (OCOT) website at: http://www.collegeoftrades.ca/wp-content/uploads/Information-Technology-Contact-Centre-Technical-Support-Agent-634A-EN-TS3.pdf

What Preparation and Training Do You Need?

Contact Centre Technical Support Agents require an apprenticeship of 3730 hours of on-the-job training as well as 270 hours of in-school training (2 sessions: 5 weeks, then 4 weeks in duration).  For registration as an apprentice, you will have to be at least 16 years of age and will commonly require an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent. This is the minimum to be apprenticed in this trade under the (OCTAA) Ontario College of Trades Apprenticeship Act (2009). Please note that minimum entry requirements to this and other trades are currently under review by the Ontario College of Trades.

What's Your Future as a Contact Centre Technical Support Agent?

Contact Centre Technical Support Agents are able to earn promotions to higher levels in their organization, possibly becoming supervisors or managers.  Also, the skills in customer service, negotiation, and ability to work in a fast-paced environment can be beneficial for other future career opportunities

Wage Rate

As an apprentice, you would likely start around $10.25 per hour, and wages increase with experience and competence.  Fully qualified employees will likely earn around $14 per hour.  Managers and supervisors are often paid by salary.

Many employers will offer benefits and overtime to full-time employees.

Self-Rating Quiz

Ask Yourself: Is Working as an Information Technology-Contact Centre Technical Support Agent For You?

Are you able to learn new things quickly and apply them or even teach them? Yes      No
Are you able to understand computer hardware and software and their interactions? Yes      No
Can you give detailed answers and be patient with each customer when answering similar questions repeatedly? Yes      No
Can you communicate well verbally and in writing? Yes      No
Do you pay attention to detail and maintain safe and healthy working conditions? Yes      No
Do you mind working weekend or evening hours? Yes      No
Are you good at working independently or as part of a team to accomplish a task? Yes      No

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, a career as an Information Technology - Contact Centre Technical Support Agent may be for You!

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